Beautiful Homes For Sale In Plano

Plano Texas is a great place to settle down. The cities are metropolitan beauties looking less like cities and more like something you would find in the Wizard of Oz. Towering buildings and shining sidewalks taking care to keep trees lining the streets of the home you will choose.

Many beautiful properties are available in this lovely town. Outsides with spacious lawns and shade trees to give that much needed cool time during the summer at the end of a wrestling match between brothers and sisters. Sit by the clear in ground pool with a glass of lemonade and stare in complete contentment at the flowering vines that surround the yard. Lay a towel on the warm set stone patio that divides the house from the pool and get that coveted tan.

When the sun begins to set walk through the double French doors into a lovely sitting room flooded with light, rest in a superbly situated puffy recliner and watch the sun go down. Then as dinnertime rolls around the kitchen is the next stop. Granite counter tops accented by acres of tiled floor greet you. Mahogany cupboards line the walls giving a feeling of home as you begin working at the gas, flat top stove set into the island equipped with its own sink for easy clean up after cutting vegetables on the glass cutting board.

Light in soft glows envelopes you as you walk down the hall with your plate in one hand and a glass of milk in the other heading for a couple of hours in the office with the built in desk and shelves making this room the most well structured and easy to work in of anywhere else in the house.

Upstairs is a high canopied four poster bed built into the master bedroom. Directly off the bedroom is the masterfully designed bathroom. It has a sunken spa tub and separate fully encased glass shower. The double sink is wide and accommodating for two when necessary. The full horizontal wall mirror gives a beautiful view of the bathroom and every angle of your office attire or evening gown selection.

These and many more features can be found in Plano, Texas. Neighborhoods lined with trees and very nice people will be the life you find here as you peruse Realtor' sites for Plano homes for sale. They will be able to help you find the perfect home and area to fit your dreams.

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