Beautiful Homes in Decatur

Decatur is a lovely town. An abundance of trees and nicely landscaped streets and parks make this a coveted site to settle down in. Neighborhoods lined with well cared for lawns and streets are waiting for you to join the many folks who call this home. View all Decatur homes for sale!

A well thought out plan of utilizing gables and stairwells gives these homes a look of efficiency and fun. Every space within these lovely homes has been put to work so storage is bountiful. Well-insulated spaces can be found within the home for your children to play in as well.

Open floor plans make the homes in Decatur look even more spacious. Lots of windows add luster to the already immense beauty of each home. Decatur prides itself on the design quality of each project and making their homes feel the coziest is on the minds of every contractor who has a hand in the building.

This city also likes to show off its large porches, both open and enclosed. Screened in for pest control does not detract whatsoever from the bright cheerful outer spaces you have to utilize. Expansive yards are another great feature you will find here. Well manicured and landscaped, interwoven with trees of all species will meet your eyes each and every morning as you rise to begin your day. Hundreds of flowering vines, trees and bushes will thrive within the fertile grounds surrounding your garden areas.  

Kitchens and bathrooms greet you with granite counter tops and tiled floors. Large mirrors and unique lighting give the rooms the best views for your eyes to behold. Functional double sinks and lovely glass enclosed showers are just one more feature you will grow to love.  Up to date kitchen appliances will anxiously await all your needs as you prepare meals for the family or that quiet evening alone. Nicely chosen to match the decor of each room are standard build or stainless steel choices.

Winding driveways paved or cemented are another plus. Weather will not give you any problems as you come and go to enhance your life with other activities this city has to offer. Many entertainment options will meet you on outings with the family. When the fun is over your home will be waiting with the cozy and warm feeling you have come to enjoy.

Homes in Decatur will bring you generations of happiness and joy as you watch your family grow and thrive. Many more features, each with you in mind, are waiting to be discovered in Decatur, a place of beautiful design and people.

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