Home Buyer’s Rebate

Get 1% cash back when you are buying a house, home buying with us actually does pay!
When you buy a home with us you have NO out of pocket expenses for realtor fees.  The Seller/Broker pays our fees - imagine that! You are able to search the entire MLS online through our site. Click here to search all homes for sale! Once you have registered on our site, you will be able to setup alerts that will be automatically e-mailed to you based on the criteria you set for your home search. These alerts will notify you when a new property becomes available, price reduced, or put back on the market. Because we value you and your business we will give you a 1% rebate of the price of the home. So, at closing we will give you back 1% of the sold price! With an offer like this, why would you use anyone else to help you find your next home?

Cash Back at Closing

When you buy a home or any other property from us, you can save 1% off the sales price. Your savings are in the form of a rebate off our commission rates. A 1% rebate on a $200,000 property results in savings of $2000! You can use your rebate how ever you want. Buy a new swing set for the kids or new appliances for your home.

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Home Builders

We work closely with home builders. In most cases we save our clients money, time, and headache. A builder needs to know that you are professionally represented by a realtor. Let Choice Realty LLC make the initial contact so they know we are serious about saving u money !!!

Save an Additional 5%

Save up to an additional 5% when you buy and sell with Choice Realty. You could use your rebate to:

  • buy down points on your loan
  • pay for or lower your closing costs
  • buy new furniture

Steps for Buying with Choice Realty

  1. Sign up with us.
  2. Get pre-qualified - We'll contact you.
  3. Chose your home or builder.
  4. Close on your property.
  5. Get 1% back!

Sign up now and you will be able to begin searching the MLS.

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