Dallas Homes – Finding a Great Neighborhood in Dallas

Dallas Homes – Finding a Great Neighborhood in Dallas

For those who are planning to invest in Dallas homes, one important consideration for you is finding the right neighborhood. But since this is a major city in Texas, you will surely find great villages and plush neighborhoods where you and your family can live safely and happily. In order for you to find the right home that will cater to your needs and desires, you should get a glimpse of the most sought-after neighborhoods not only in Dallas but in the whole of Texas as well.

Highland Park

Dallas homes located in Highland Park are usually considered as among the most beautiful and luxurious. In fact, it would be very difficult for you to find a home for sale in this area that costs below one million dollars. However, you will not get disappointed even if you spend a fortune for a house here. You will surely marvel at the many old historic houses in the neighborhood. Here, you can even be sharing lunches with the who’s who in Dallas. This community is also ideal because it is in the heart of Dallas, so schools, restaurants, hospitals and other important establishments are just minutes away. Thus, if you want to live in a community where the wealthy Texans reside, you would not overlook Highland Park.

Downtown Dallas

Dallas homes located downtown usually attract people from the X and Y generations. This area is considered as hip and modern. Anywhere you look, you will see new establishments being put up and high-rise condominiums being built. If you want to live in the center of culture, fashion, and the arts, then the downtown community is for you. One good thing about this area is that you can also easily find homes and condominiums in the range of $300,000 to $500,000. It is not really surprising that single people and couples with no children head to downtown Dallas to start their independent lives.


If you are looking for Dallas homes that are located in a laid back setting, then the Lakewood community is perfect for you. Although there are also expensive old homes that pepper the neighborhood, there are many affordable homes and duplexes that are available in the area. The merit of the place is its nearness to Whiterock Lake. This peaceful community boasts of wide streets lined with big trees. If you want your growing children to grow up in an all-American neighborhood, then this place is truly ideal for you and your family.

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