Great Opportunities for Home Buyers in Grand Prairie

This is a great time to buy a home and search for Grand Prairie homes for sale.  Inventories of new and used homes are up and interest rates on mortgages are at lows not seen in the US since the 1950s.  Fixed rate thirty year mortgages were going for 4.81 percent to qualified buyers last June.  Real estate professionals across the country are ready to do business and the selection of price ranges and types of homes has never been better.  Moreover, these are in prosperous, stable communities like GP, or Grand Prairie, Texas.

Why Grand Prairie?  First, it is a beautiful community with an interesting history.  Second, it adjoins both Dallas and Fort Worth providing easy access to these major centers of business and industry.  With a population of over 150,000, it provides big city services without all the big city problems.  It is served by a strong school system and the city has well developed parks and recreational resources.

Although smaller than its two neighbors, the community boasts some important businesses of its own.  During World War II, for example, it was the home of North American Aviation, which produced two major variants of the famous P-51 Mustang fighter plane, which helped win the war and was arguably the best aircraft of its type to see service in the war.  Vought Aircraft Company took over the old North American plant and produced the F-8 Crusader and the A-7 Corsair II for the Navy.  These were tough, state of the art fighter-bombers and were among the best carrier based aircraft ever produced.  The facility is still in use today by one of the most cutting edge aerospace companies, Lockheed-Martin that is producing the Scout missile system and the MLRS.  One of the largest aerospace companies on the planet, EADS also has some its North American offices in the town where the Eurocopter Aerospatiale helicopter is produced for NATO.

Bisected by two Interstate Highways, GP is on the way to everywhere else.  Available houses range from economically priced starter homes on up to brand new palatial estates People actively shopping for homes soon discover that their housing dollars go a lot farther in Grand Prairie than they would in Dallas, Fort Worth or most other urban areas.   GP is a nice community with a friendly atmosphere and a lot to offer prospective homebuyers.

Its warm weather appeals to senior citizens seeking to downsize their homes after their children have grown up and left home.  The city seeks to be senior citizen friendly by offering a wide range of discounts on goods and services for seniors.  Grand Prairie is a great place to live and you will never see a better time to buy a home there.

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