Purchase a Home in Flower Mound- a Certified Scenic City

Flower Mound seems like an unusual name for a city, however, this city has a rich and unique history. The name comes from the twelve and a half acre mound located on the city's Southside. This mound is completely covered with wild flowers and is now an area that is protected. It is thought this mound is a sacred ceremonial area of the Wichita Indians. In addition, the city has been certified as a scenic city due to its strong standards of maintaining its public areas. This is a great place for your future home. With amazing Flower Mound homes for sale, you may be able to find your dream home.

This is a mid-size city that continues to grow and develop economically. It provides easy access to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area so commuting is fairly easy. The public school system is exceptional and there are many choices of private schools as well. The economy is stable, continues to grow and there are quite a few job opportunities available. This is a fantastic place to live and work. It is a wonderful community that values its environment and commitment to family values. Shopping and recreational activities are abundant and the low crime rate makes it a great place for families. The real estate market is stable and the median home price is approximately $181,000.

While many real estate markets experienced a decline in the median price of homes, the homes in this area have steadily increased in value. This growing community is a great place to buy your new home and settle into a comfortable family life in a beautiful city. With low interest rates and many homes to choose from, you will want to start your search as soon as possible. You will be able to find a beautiful family home to meet your needs in an area that will continue to grow and flourish.

Flower Mound may be an unusual name but this city is truly a beautiful place to live. With fantastic Flower Mound homes for sale it is an opportunity that you will want to consider. You can be assured that your investment in your home will continue to increase in value as the popularity and growth of this city continues to increase. Choose from the many available homes currently on the market and establish a permanent residence for you and your family in this unique and scenic city.

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