The beauty of Addison Homes for Sale

Unbelievably, Addison is considered as the heart of Dallas Texas. Take note that its location is mere minutes away from a slew of shopping, fine dining and diverse entertainment options – be aware that all of these are available to both locals and visitors alike. Definitely, Addison is the city that offers anything and everything for the discerning individual.

Essentially, Addison is a town that is bustling with entrepreneurial spirit and lively vibe thanks to the number of small start-ups and major corporations, which all chose Addison to be their headquarters. A few of these include Mary Kay, Pizza Hut and Palm Harbor Homes.

Also, Addison possess a distinctive combination of office buildings, residential communities that are beautifully landscaped as well as shopping opportunities, hotels, award-winning nature parks, and more than a hundred restaurants. Remember that all these amenities are a mere five-minute drive from any place in town.

Essentially, Addison's location is 13 miles of downtown Dallas’ north area. It is also located 16 miles of DFW airport’s northeast. Meanwhile, it is also a mere 11 miles northeast from the DFW airport. Similarly, Addison Airport is an extremely convenient hub for those who intend to either arrive via private or charter planes. It is also a world-class venue with which to conduct shopping and restaurant hopping either for visitors and locals. Be aware that Addison is a place that is fun to work and live in or visit.

If you are on the lookout for the best Addison homes for sale, take note that you are not alone as Addison Texas is considered as one of the US’ most attractive destinations thanks to the following attractions: four-star hotels, daytime and nighttime entertainment, the Water Tower Theater and more than 170 dining options. In addition, Addison Texas is a prime US vacation destination as well as a residential area due to its unique combination of being a big cosmopolitan city and its small town ambiance. Essentially, it is also considered a prestigious destination due to the number of luxury real estate properties available.

Though 3-bedroom Addison homes for sale could be a bit costly compared to single-family smaller residences, it is still highly possible to locate an affordable yet  large property in the area. Be aware that a condominium property in Addison costs less that units which are freestanding.

Addison also emphasizes environment-friendly homes making the area a highly progressive community indeed. Overall, Addison homes for sale are premiere residences making it one of the best places to live in America.

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